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HempTest – Hemp Typing Test

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HempTest the hemp typing test for on the go.

“The original HempTest” was developed by the Forensic Institute Zurich and is already used by the Swiss police, cultivation stores, pharmacies, growers, laboratories and users worldwide.

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The original HempTest offers a variety of useful applications:

REGULAR USER: To detect artificial CBD weed treated with artificial cannabinoids. Ideal for the original HempTest trichome microscope.

BREEDER: To select phenotypes with low THC content without waiting for the plant to flower. The test can be performed on a small amount of dried leaves of a very young plant.

LABORATORY: To check eluted chromatographed fractions directly and in real time for the presence of THC, simply add 1-2 drops of the mobile phase to the HempTest 4-AP.

PHARMACEUTICAL: To ensure that the specification (psychoactive / non-psychoactive) of the product meets the quality management guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry where cannabis flowers or other products are dispensed.


1. bag 2. glass ampoules 3. ampoule protector 4. tweezers

Before use:

Check the expiration date at the bottom of the kit (DD / MM / YYYY) and put on gloves.


Open the package and remove the tweezers. Use tweezers to place a small amount of sample into the test kit (approx. 5 mg, no more). Close the bag and break the glass ampoules with light pressure. Make sure the plant material is immersed in the released liquid at the bottom of the bag. Mix carefully. Note any color changes after approximately 1-2 minutes. The resulting color may darken after 2 minutes have elapsed. If the result is inconclusive or the liquid turns purple (sample too large), repeat with another test kit for a new sample.


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