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CBD: up to 23%

Charas Passion (Hash)

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Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of really good Charas hash will not forget this experience for a lifetime.

The unmistakable, sweet scent of a Charas joint usually remains as an intense memory in the mind.

Green Passion’s CBD Hash Charas comes as close as possible to this unforgettable experience.

CBD: up to 23
THC: <1%

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Green Passion’s CBD hash “Charas” is as close to the original as possible, but in the production of our variant, CBD-dominant hemp flowers are used instead of THC.

In northern India, Charas is produced today as it was thousands of years ago, smoked by holy saddhus to commune with Shiva, sold to tourists and smuggled all over the world. Charas is a special variety of hashish, which is not produced by sifting dry plant material as in the Arabic region, but from the fresh plant. In a time-consuming process, hemp flowers are rubbed gently between the hands until the cannabis resin sticks to the palm of the hand. The hemp flowers are processed 2-3 weeks before they are ready to harvest and the cannabinoid content in the plant is at its highest, in order to harvest the sacred resin.

Unlike other extracts, no additives or chemicals are used in the production of Charas. It is therefore an extremely gentle hashish production, but also a particularly laborious and lengthy one. Only a few grams can be produced by one person per day.

Storage: We recommend to store our hash in a cool and dry place, if possible protected from light, to maintain the high quality and maximize the shelf life of the product.


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