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CBD hash from Green Passion is the best the market has to offer at the moment. In the production of our CBD hash varieties, we have primarily made sure that we come as close as possible to the intoxicating and legendary originals in terms of taste and consistency. The development and production of our CBD hash clearly reflects the expertise and years of experience of our specialists and connoisseurs.

Just like THC dominant hash varieties, our CBD hash is produced from cannabis plants by isolating and processing the resin-rich heads of the trichomes using various methods. However, our CBD hash is not produced from THC-dominant cannabis plants, but from CBD-dominant cannabis plants. Cannabis resin or trichomes are the natural carrier of essential cannabinoids such as CBD or THC as well as terpenes. All of the aforementioned substances, which are found in compressed form in our CBD hash, have correspondingly beneficial effects when decarboxylated or smoked and consumed. Hashish is usually heated, crumbled and mixed with tobacco and smoked in a joint or bong or vaporised and inhaled with a vaporizer.

CBD hash with a THC content of less than 1% has only been legal in Switzerland since 1 August 2022. All CBD hash varieties from Green Passion are registered as tobacco substitutes with the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health) and are therefore officially approved as stimulants for smoking. Our CBD hash is also tested by independent third-party laboratories for its cannabinoid concentration and purity.




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CBD: up to 34% CBD Hasch Black Afghan

CBD: up to 34%Zero Zero (Hash)

CBD: up to 23% CBD Hasch Charas

CBD: up to 23%

CBD: up to 20% CBD Hasch Super Pollen

CBD: up to 15% CBD Hasch Golden Maroc

CBD: up to 70%


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