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Flowermate Aura (black)

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NEW IN ASSORTMENT! The perfect vaporizer for on the go, small and handy! It is solidly built and easy to use, therefore a favorite for on the go.

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Once again looking for a good vaporizer for on the go? The AURA vaporizer is the latest device from Flowermate (Smiss), which has made a name for itself with the V5.0 and the Pro series. The Flowermate AURA is no exception when it comes to reliability and innovation, making it one of Flowermate’s current best products! The combination of the elegant pen-shaped design that resembles e-cigarettes with the powerful built-in Samsung/LG battery makes the AURA a vaporizer with outstanding value at an attractive price. Other features of the AURA include its adjustable temperature, LCD display, a ceramic heating chamber for herbs, waxes, and oils, and an insulated vapor channel, to ensure pure vapor. The AURA may be charged with a maximum of 1 amp wall adapters. Please follow the warnings on the packaging (most smartphone power adapters run on more than one amp of current and are therefore not suitable). Flowermate AURA Features Overview Guaranteed without combustion; the AURA is a true vaporizer Compact size in pen form (less than 15 cm tall) LCD temperature display Up to 2 hours of battery power on a full charge Built-in LG battery (2600 mAh) Micro-USB charging port Heats up in less than 1 minute Automatic power off function (5 minutes) Fully adjustable temperature One of the most important features of a vape is its ability to adjust the temperature. Through the LCD display, you can set the temperature between 40ºC and 230ºC. The Flowermate AURA heats up in less than a minute, allowing you to vaporize anytime, anywhere. Insulated vapor channel for pure, flavorful vapor The AURA is equipped with an insulated vapor channel, which prevents the inhaled air from coming into contact with electronic parts. This guarantees safe and pure vapor, without possible exhaust fumes or foul odors. Package Contents 1 Aura Vaporizer 1 Aura Mouthpiece 1 Liquid/Wax Chamber (made of organic cotton) 1 Stainless Steel Medium Capsule 5 Stainless Steel Strainer 1 Plug and Cleaner 1 Cleaning Brush 1 USB Charging Cable 1 Instruction Manual (English) How to Use the Flowermate AURA Vaporizer Press the power button 5 times quickly within 2 seconds, To activate the AURA Use the and-buttons to adjust the temperature Press and hold the power button for two seconds to activate the heating element Once it reaches the temperature, a vapor icon will appear, indicating that the vaporizer is ready for use To change the temperature setting from Fahrenheit to Celsius, press and hold the “or” button for three seconds.

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