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Vaporizer set by Green Passion

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Metallic vaporizer by Green Passion® with a medical grade stainless steel airflow tube. Full spectrum distillate with up to 50% CBD and THC-free. Without PG/VG, no additives, no food colouring, no solvents, no preservatives.

Tip: Before use, warm the cartridge by hand so that the distillate liquefies a little.

The set includes 1x vaporizer & 1x CBD cartridge (1ml).

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The Green Passion® vaporizer with refillable cartridge contains up to 50% CBD and is THC-free. The valuable cannabinoids (among others, around 10% CBG) and natural terpenes contained in the full spectrum distillate provide an extraordinary vape experience without PG/VG. With the Green Passion® Vaporizer you not only protect your lungs, but you also enjoy a much purer taste with a more intense effect. Furthermore this gentle consumption method doesn’t leave any annoying smoke that sticks to your clothes or irritates your lungs.

For the best vape experience, take small puffs of no more than 3-5 seconds, in indirect inhalation (like a normal cigarette) and without inhaling too heavily. This way, the different flavours contained in the liquid unfold best and you avoid an unpleasant tingling in the throat. Since there is no PG or VG in the liquid, the taste and feel is different from an electronic cigarette.

The metallic dark vaporizer provides a cool yet discrete look, while the cartridge is made of a high quality medical grade stainless steel airflow tube.


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