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Candida CD-1 Hemp Seeds feminized

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Genetics: Crossing between “Harlequin” and “ACDC”.

THC content: <0.9 %
CBD content: <20.6 %

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Green Passion offers exclusively in collaboration with Medical Marijuana Genetics cannabis seeds of the variety Candida (CD-1). Candida is currently one of the very few as seeds available cannabis genetics with an exceptionally high CBD content and a stable THC content below 1%, once the plant has developed into full size. CBD levels are – depending on whether the phenotype is sativa- or indica-heavy – up to <20.6%. The ratio between CBD and THC is around 22:1 in each case.

Genetics: crossing between “Harlequin” and “ACDC”.

Variety: Indica/Sativa

Flowering time: 9 weeks

THC content: <0.9%
CBD content: <20.6%

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